Aquaguard vs Dr Aquaguard vs Aquasure

Are you looking for a high-quality water purifier for your home? You’re certainly at the right resource.

With the never-ending technology advancement, water purifiers have evolved, and to date, it isn’t easy to pick the best one for your home.

Aquaguard vs Dr Aquaguard vs Aquasure

Our regular visitors always tend to ask the difference between aquasure and aquaguard. Though, I have solved this query for many users.

However, since this is a frequently asked question, I decided to come up with a detailed article explaining every difference, advantage & disadvantage.

I am sure many people might already know that both of these models are manufactured by the top-class brand Eureka Forbes.

As the name sounds precisely the same, however, there are a few differences that can be considered before choosing any one of them.

So, below I will share all the similarities & differences of technologies, features, reviews, reliability, and price difference between Aquaguard vs Dr Aquaguard vs Aquasure.

If you do not wish to review the complete article and only look for the best between all three of them, then the next summary section is for you.

Let’s get started!

Summary – Which one should you go with?

Difference between Aquaguard, Dr Aquaguard & Aquasure

All these three models are currently the best in the market. It took me hours of research as our Team your kitchen arena interacted with many customers and analyzed the reviews and performance.

Based on our expertise, I would recommend buying this aquaguard geneus plus 6 Litre model on Amazon. One of the best advantages that I like about this model is, it is reliable, the maintenance cost is minimal.

The six-liter is perfect for small families, couples, or bachelors. If you want, you can also opt for a higher capacity in the same model.

This product consists of a mineral sensor that doesn’t let the essential minerals be eliminated during the purification process. Additionally, the water purifier is equipped with a nutrition mineral cartridge which adds healthy minerals as well.

When it comes to technology, it contains RO+ UV & UF along with TDS control which means it is compatible with any water type. So, you do not have to check the TDS level of water before buying this model.

At the same time, if you have budget constraints and would like to spend less without compromising on the quality, this specific model on Amazon would be a great fit. It uses the same technology as the previous model and provides excellent performance.

Let’s proceed further in the article.

Difference between Aquaguard, Dr Aquaguard & Aquasure




Dr Aquaguard


Model Number


Aquaguard Marvel(UV+UF)

Geneus +


5 kg 900 g

6 kg 200 g

13 kg 700 g


24.5 x 30.5 x 30.5 Centimeters

27.5 x 32 x 41 Centimeters

36.7 x 31.4 x 56.7 Centimeters


Black and Blue

White and Black

White and Black


8 Litres

8 Litres

6 Litres

Included Components

Water Purifier,Accessory Kit,1 User Manual

Plumbing kit, accassories, product, power supply adapter & bracket for adapter

Water Purifier, Installation Kit and User Manual

Our Ratings


1 Year (T&C Apply)

1 Year (T&C Apply)

1 Year (T&C Apply)

Check Reviews

As we discussed, all three models are currently the best in business. And if I talk about Dr Aquaguard Geneus + & Aquasure Smart +, both of these models are highly rated by users.

Additionally, they are the most selling models till date. There isn’t a very significant difference in all these models.

Eureka Forbes manufactures all three models. The only difference that can be considered a buyer’s point of view is that Aquaguard comes in a higher range than Aquasure.

Current Market for these brands

Aquaguard Marvel

Spending on a water purifier is crucial because we genuinely can’t trust the water provided by the corporation and authorities.

At the end of the day, health is wealth, and you have to make sure the water you & your family drink is entirely safe without an iota of doubt.

Now, not all people can afford to purchase a high-end water purifier because these products come pretty expensive.

Additionally, there are maintenance and other charges that should be considered while opting for any brand.

Aquasure is one of the most popular water purifier brands, which has grabbed a significant share in the online and offline market.

Aquaguard Marvel Purification Process

Technology has evolved over the years. With so much advancement in the technology of purification methods, Aquasure offers products that are full of helpful and premium features at budget-friendly prices.

Their ultimate goal is to ensure that every household deserves purified drinking water as it’s a necessity in today’s world.

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Features Comparison: Aquaguard vs Dr Aquaguard vs Aquasure

1) Water Compatibility

Aquasure Smart Plus

Starting with Dr Aquaguard, it has one of the advanced purification technologies. It uses a combination of RO+ UV and UF and TDS control which ensures even the healthy essential minerals get back in the purified water.

Its technology ensures that even the non-visible smallest of dissolved impurities gets removed from the water. Thereby, it is best suitable for ground, borewell, or mixed hard water.

Aquasure might be economical when it comes to prices, but it is a pack of all those premium features that other brands provide.

It uses RO + UV + MTDS technology which ensures the water you receive is healthy and tasty. The process makes it absolutely perfect for hard and borewell water. 

Aquasure Smart Plus Flexible Installation

The MTDS control feature adds those healthy minerals back in the water, which gets eliminated during the purification cycle.

Now, talking about Aquaguard geneus plus, it has the best build quality and design. The smart sensors detect the water type and TDS level of the water; it then applies the appropriate purification technology that’s required.

It also uses the same purification, just like the Dr model.

2) Stages of Purification

Dr Aquaguard

The genius and the Dr aquaguard consist of a unique taste guard technology. The natural water has a unique taste which is undoubtedly tasty. Honestly, be it any purifier, the water actually loses its taste when it gets purified.

That said, these two models use taste guard technology, which helps retain the natural taste even after the purification.

They both use a multi-stage purification process which is exceptionally efficient. Additionally, they consist of built-in G touch sensors. Now, these sensors first check the TDS level of the water and secondly the hardness of the water. It uses the appropriate purification technology, making sure the water is purified in the best possible manner.

As discussed, Aquasure, on the other hand, provides budget-friendly purifiers. They do not compromise with the quality with such economical prices as they use a 6 stage purification process. Let’s discuss this 6 stage process in depth.

  • First up, the large impurities get filtered.
  • Second, the organic contaminants and bad odor gets eliminated
  • Next, chemical contaminants get removed through an electronic membrane life enhancer
  • Four, the RO membrane removes heavy metal and softens the water
  • Now, the taste guard technology adds back the healthy minerals
  • Lastly, the viruses and bacteria get removed

3) Efficiency, Capacity & After Sales Aspects

Dr Aquaguard Genius Plus

The storage capacity of Dr Aquaguard Geneus + is 6 Litres and is capable of delivering 15 Litres of purified water within 60 minutes.

Aquasure smart plus comes with a capacity of 6 Litres, and it is efficient enough to provide 10 Litres of purified water per hour.

The genius plus comes with a capacity of 7 Litres and can deliver 15 Litres of purified water in an hour.

You can choose any of them if you are a small family of around 4-5 members.

Eureka Forbes provides an extended warranty of one year on all these water purifiers.

Let’s now discuss these brands and their history.

History of These Brands

History of Eureka Forbes

Eureka Forbes was established in 1982 with the vision of bringing pollution-free, safe & healthy living to their customers and maintaining lasting customer relationships.

It was 1984 when they introduced their first water purification system.

At that time, when water purification through a machine that can be mounted over a kitchen sink was utterly new and misunderstood.

Afterward, they launched Aquaguard to let people be aware and understand of drinking purified water.

After the launch, they tried various strategies, including ads and promotions. They got immense amounts of success when they directly visited households educating them about the need and working of a water purifier.

Several representatives of Eureka Forbes visited every door explaining how harmful the contaminated water can be and how precisely Aquaguard can help.

And this idea of household education worked fantastically; they were successful in changing the perception of households. People now started to understand the importance of healthy drinking water.

After a period of around ten years, Aquaguard was turned into a huge brand that was a part of every house. 

The company then moved forward for advancement in water purification technology. That was the time when RO+UV+UF technology came in place. 

The appliance could now be operated on electricity, and because of the immense amount of research and investment, the prices of water purifiers increased drastically.

Launching of Aquasure

The need to launch Aquasure

As the last part of the above para, we understood that the prices of water purifiers have gone higher over time.

It is evident that not every one of us can afford expensive purification machines as they are genuinely priced high.

But, Eureka Forbes was strong enough in their vision. They wanted every household to drink clean and safe water.

That is where they decided to launch Aquasure. Their main motive for launching it was to make sure even small and medium-class families can afford it and make their lifestyle healthier.

And when Aquasure was newly launched, it was just a piece of the box that used to work manually without electricity, as this was the only way to make the appliance economical.

Over the years, they understood that there is an immense scope to get this technology-enhanced, making it an electronic unit at the same price.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is aquaguard the same as aquasure?

Both the models are made by the same manufacturer Eureka Forbes. They both are the same quality and features wise, however as we discussed, Aquaguard is priced slightly higher than Aquasure.

2) What is Dr. Aquaguard?

It is a premium and classy range of water purifiers equipped with the best RO+UV & UF technology, which is ideal for all water resources. Mineral and patented guard, this purifier will give you optimum health benefits and is best suitable for people looking to get the best quality.

3) Is Kent better than Aquaguard?

If we talk about product-wise, then Kent is better as it offers premium features and the best technology. Now, comparing it brand wise, then Aquaguard is better considering all the factors.

The Verdict

There you have it, our detailed review and comparison between Aquaguard vs Dr Aquaguard vs Aquasure. As discussed, all these purifiers are of the best quality, and there is barely any difference.

I hope this guide helped you choose the best water purifier between aquaguard and aquasure.

In case of any doubts or queries, please do let us know in the comment section below.

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