Bosch WAJ2846sin vs WAT2846sin

Bosch WAJ2846sin vs WAT2846sin – Which is better & why?

Bosch WAJ2846sin vs WAT2846sin

Nowadays, washing machines come with different technologies and features. Based on your requirement, you can opt for semi or fully automatic.

Additionally, front or top load is also one of the options. Having said that, front-loads are highly energy-efficient and are users’ first choice.

Referring to the front loaders, the very first brand that comes to people’s minds is Bosch. They have wide varieties of machines with different features and prices.

Further in this post, I will compare the two top models of bosch machines which are Wat2846sin & WAJ2846sin.

WAJ2846sin vs WAT2846sin – Which one should you buy?

WAJ2846sin vs WAT2846sin

Both the models of Bosch are almost precisely the same; however, few minor differences make them different.

For people directly looking for recommendations, I would suggest checking this particular model of Bosch. After hours of research, I believe this is undoubtedly a reliable model to choose and is worth every penny you spend.

That said, as the name suggests, there are many similarities in these models, just that there is a slight difference between WAj2846 & wat2846 in noise level and vibration while spinning and washing.

Additionally, one wash program and the depth level of the door opening. These differences are not considerable and can’t really affect the buying decision. However, as a buyer, you should be aware of each and every difference and similarities.

The model I suggested above is best among these two; the brand will undoubtedly support it for an extended period.

Differences between Bosch WAJ2846sin vs WAT2846sin

As discussed, these models differ in some aspects such as wash program, launch date, noise level, etcetera; I will now present a detailed table for better visualization.

Additionally, below that, we will cover each and every point in detail.

Let’s get started.

Features Overview




8 KG

8 KG


240 Volts

240 Volts





Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

RPM Speed

1400 RPM

1400 RPM





LED Display

LED Display

Wash Program

All Included

Additional Lingeri Wash





1 Machine, Inlet Pipe, Manual Book



Front Loader

Front Loader


Floor Mounted

Floor Mounted


71 KG

81 KG


84.8 x 84.8 x 63.2cm

84.91 x 63.2 x 59.79 cm

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#1 Noise Level

The WAJ2846sin is an upgraded version of Bosch WAT2846sin. Hence, some minor adjustments are being made in the motor and drum designing.

Now, these changes resulted in the noise level of the two models. The upgraded version now makes less noise while spinning as there’s a difference of 1db. The old one used to make 74db; however, the upgraded version of waj produces 73db.

In regards to the wash cycle, the upgraded version makes more noise than the old one. The older machine wat used to make 49db noise whereas the latest model makes 53db.

Though there is nothing to worry about as Bosch machines come with the most noiseless operation.

Also, please make sure that you align the foot of the machines to the floor correctly at the time of installation. The reason being, the machine makes noise if the feet are not aligned correctly as it shakes during the wash cycle.

#2 Launch Date

The WAJ2846is in an upgraded version and was posted live for sale in the month of September 2020, whereas the WAT2846in is an old model and was available for sale online and in offline markets with effect from February 2019.

Though both the models are still trending and giving a tough competition in the washing machine market.

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#3 Door Depth Difference

Both the models come with front load doors and are incredibly comfortable while loading. However, the WAJ2846in comes with a door that can open 10mm more in-depth.

Though this won’t make a considerable difference but still, they have improved taking on the feedback and made it even more convenient.

#4 Wash Programs

Not only is one of the features extra however both the models have an additional advantage as well.

Bosch WAJ2846in is a model that is known to reduce clothing wrinkles by approximately 50%. Whereas they also claim that the WAT2846in reduces the clothing tangles by 50% as compared to the other washer brands.

So, the wash cycle is undoubtedly world-class of both the brands irrespective of additional advantages or disadvantages.

The older model WAT2846in comes with an additional wash program, “Lingerie,” as we discussed. Now, this washing program isn’t something that’s required on a day-to-day basis.

For an effective wash cycle and regular uses, you only need 4-5 programs which are already there in both models.

Irrespective of the lingerie wash program, all other wash programs are still available with the WAJ2846in.

Feature Similarities

Bosch Washing Machine

As you can see, there is hardly any difference between wat2846 & waj2846. Since we have reviewed the differences, let’s now discuss the feature similarities of both these models.

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  • #1 Bosch is a large multinational German company, and they use German technology in all their machines. That said, they don’t use direct drive technology; however, their machines are still comparatively silent compared to the other brands. Thanks to their Eco silence drive technology.
  • #2 Both the models come with a bunch of wash cycles that are not only effective for day-to-day activities, but you can use them for other fabric purposes as well. These wash programs include quick wash cycles, temperature control, delicate programs, allergy plus, woolen wash, woolen wash, cotton, and other programs that you can use for heavy fabric like blankets, bed sheets, etcetera.
  • #3 The material used in manufacturing the washer’s drum is stainless steel which is the best quality. The design is their patented vario drum, and the capacity is the same for both – 8KG’s.
  • #4 Both waj2846 & wat2846 come with the reloading feature. With this feature, you can even add more clothes even after the wash cycle has begun. If you missed any cloth, you can simply pause the cycle, add the cloth and then restart it. This option is typically not available in other brands.
  • #5 both models have a maximum RPM (rotation per minute) speed of 1400, which is robust. It can even wash the most stubborn stains effectively with ease. That said, once the clothes are out, they will dry up even quicker.
    #6 Both these models come with unique active water plus technology. It has smart sensors that sense the clothes’ load and adjust the inlet water to ensure a uniform wash cycle. This technology helps you save water as well as electricity.


There you have it, our detailed comparison and review of Bosch WAJ2846sin vs WAT2846sin. I hope this article helped you choose a suitable washing machine for your home.

In case of any doubts or queries, feel free to mention them in the comment section below.

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