Bosch WAK24168IN vs WAK24268IN

Bosch is one of the leading and popular brands in the washing machine market. Hence, in this article, I’m going to compare the top models Bosch WAK24168IN vs WAK24268IN.

Choosing a washing machine and say it’s the best fit for me depends on various factors.

Featured Image of the difference between Bosch WAK24168IN vs WAK24268IN

At first, when I started to review this topic, I found that there weren’t enough resources on the web of these top models.

It took me hours of research, starting from product analysis, user reviews, reliability, and many other factors, to understand the better model among these two.

Both the models have a lot capacity of 7 KG. The capacity is sufficient for a medium-sized family of around 3-4 family members.

Further, in this article, you will see the detailed review, differences, similarities, and most importantly, which one should you go with & why. Additionally, below you can also refer to the comparison table, which will help you better visualize the features.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Table Overview

Features Overview



RPM Control



RPM Speed

1200 RPM

1200 RPM


7 KG

7 KG

Speed of Dryer



Temperature Control

Seperate button isn't avilable

A dedicated button to control temperature


Basic Display

Big display with different options

Wash Programs







Water Inlet Pipe, Drain Hose & User Manual

Warranty Card & User Manual


1 Year extended warranty

1 Year extended warranty


Fully Automatic

Fully Automatic


Free Standing

Free Standing


600 x 600 x 850 mm

600 x 600 x 850 mm

Control Type



Normal Wash



Delicate Wash



Quick Wash



Check Reviews

In-Depth Comparison – WAK24168IN vs WAK24268IN

Image of WAK24168IN vs WAK24268IN washing machine

As we discussed, both these models are the top-selling washing machines in India. You can also check the reviews of the models ( links mentioned in the above table) 

Further, you can check the similarities, differences, and common features of both these models. And below that, I’ll help you understand which one you should buy.

Similarities & Features

Image of the similarities between Bosch Washing Machines
  • Number one, both the machines are made of top-notch quality stainless steel material which is considered to be one of the best.
  • The installation type is freestanding for both the machines, so you can easily keep it anywhere.
  • The dimensions of both the machines are exact ( 600 mm x 850 x 600 mm)
  • They share the same capacity (7KG each), which should be ideal for a small-sized family of around 4-5 members.
  • Both the machines come with (Active Water Feature) Now, this feature comes with sensors that detect the amount of load. It then adjusts the voltage and water accordingly.
  • They both have door colors and similar body structures.
  • The machine comes up with built-in protection, which means it can deal with any sort of voltage fluctuations, be it high or low.
  • They both consume 47 liters of water in a wash cycle.
  • Both the bosch machines have monsoon feature mode. It means, once the wash cycle gets completed, it then rinses off the clothes with hot water to ensure the excess detergent gets removed. At the same time, it also helps expedite the drying process.
  • The wash programs are similar for both machines.
  • Bosch features its exclusive stainless steel vario drum in both models. It ensures the fabric is washed gently and with care. The process makes sure there is no unfortunate damage to the fabric.
  • Both models have the same maximum dryer spin speed (1200 RPM ). This speed is good enough to deal with even for stubborn stains.
  • The spinning noise level, as well as washing, is around 74 & 54 dB. Now with these figures, the machine performs even silent operations.
  • You will get two years of warranty on the motor and ten years of extended warranty on the overall appliance.
  • 0.99 kWh is the energy consumption for both the models

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Please refer to the links in the above table to check the current price and reviews.

I am sure you are now clear about the similarities of both the models; however, apart from this, there are few other interesting features as well.

The below video (about Bosch WAK24168IN) will help you understand some of the other valuable features of the machines. More importantly, it will also help you visualize better by real-time examples.

Differences Overview!

Image of the differences between Bosch Washing Machines
  • First off, the price and overall user ratings of both models are different.
  • Another huge difference is, the WAK24268IN comes with a temperature control button. 
  • It means you can easily modify the temperature. The other model, WAK24168IN, doesn’t have this feature.
  • The 2681 model also comes with a big sports display right at the front. You can access and view the machine stats, wash program & timer details.
  • It also enhances the overall quality and makes the appliance even more attractive.
  • The WAK24268IN also comes with an impressive RPM (maximum spin speed) control feature, which means you can control the wash speed. Unfortunately, this option isn’t available in the other model.
  • The spin speed control shouldn’t be considered as a significant difference because it isn’t something that’s needed regularly. The machine performs well even without this feature.
  • Additionally, the 24268IN also comes with ECarf & Allergy plus features. It helps provide a very hygienic wash cycle. However, it is different from the typical wash programs.
  • This feature can most certainly be considered a significant difference if you have a baby in your house. It can also result in efficiency for people prone to allergies.
  • The WAK24268IN also comes with a “Load Recommendation” and an “Eco Perfect” feature.
  • Now eco mode is a feature that helps reduce the water requirement. The ultimate motive of this feature is to save power as well as water. By saving the water, it still delivers the best performance.

Which one should you opt for?

Image explaining the washing machine to choose between WAK24168IN or WAK24268IN

So, the above was a detailed review of the differences and similarities of both models. As you can see, there is hardly any significant difference that can impact the buying decision.

If we talk about the price, currently, the 2681N model is priced 8K extra than the other model.

The price difference mentioned is just for reference purpose(it may fluctuate over time)

And as per the analysis, WAK24168IN is the most selling machine as of now. The reason being, people are happy with this model as it has all the necessary features.

By any chance, if you have an extra requirement such as baby care, RPM control, digital display, etcetera, then you can opt for the 24268IN

I believe you should opt for 1681 unless you have any special requirements, as mentioned above. Also, the fact that this model is undoubtedly a value for money and will work for years without any service interruption.


So that was all about the detailed review of Bosch WAK24168IN vs WAK24268IN. I hope this guide helped you make the right choice for your home.

As you can see, we have covered all the details of both models. Please do let me know in case anything needs to be added.

So, which one did you select? Drop a comment in the comment section below…

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