Best Direct Drive Washing Machines In India

This article is all about an ultimate guide to the best direct drive washing machines in India.

Best Direct Drive Washing Machines In India

Over the years, we have seen many new technologies in almost all of the home and kitchen appliances.

One such appliance is a washing machine where you can now get used to a direct drive motor. Now, what exactly is it, how beneficial is it? Is it really better than the traditional belt drive?

We are surely going to cover all these answers in the below article. Additionally, I am going to share some of the best models of direct drive machines.

However, before that, let’s discuss the basics as to how this technology works, its advantages & disadvantages.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.


Now, applying direct drive technology is an upgrade in the washing machine segment. 

You might have noticed that earlier machines used to make a lot of noise and vibration, be it a top load or a front load.

Additionally, heavy consumption of electricity, resulting in increased electricity bills. So, applying a direct drive motor to the machine is an improvement in terms of vibration, noise, and power efficiency.

Now, to understand in-depth details about this new technology, we will break it down further below.

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What exactly is a Direct Drive Washing Machine?

Image explaining direct drive technology

A direct drive motor means no issues with interconnecting drives like chains, gears, and belts.

It means in this technology, the motor of the machines gets directly connected to the drum.

And since there is a direct connection, the movement of the spare parts gets reduced, which means the noise and vibration will now be next to zero.

Additionally, this technology makes the machine power-efficient, makes less noise, and is durable. Most importantly, the wash cycle becomes even more efficient.

If you see the old models, the traditional ones, you will see that the machine’s motor is connected to the drum using spare parts like plates, belts & pulleys.

Now, once you start the wash cycle, the motor starts running, and naturally, it would instruct the drum to start the wash cycle.

With this motor and drum, the only issue is the spare parts like plates and pulleys also get activated and start to move.

And when many parts are moving a washing machine, it would indeed cause noise and vibration.

Makes sense?

At this point in time, you might be thinking, Oh! This is great! I should go ahead and buy it.

Well, you are thinking right, buying a direct drive washing machine is undoubtedly a good decision. However, before that, you must know some crucial aspects before you make a final call.

Below, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of direct drive technology. Is it really better than belt drive?

Let’s dive right in!

Is Direct Drive better than Belt Drive Technology?

Image explaining why direct drive is better than belt drive

Looking at both technologies, you can’t really say one is better than another.

Though we have discussed some of the benefits of direct drive above however belt drive, on the other hand, has its own advantages, it is not something that belt drive has a bad performance.

Let’s discuss the differences below.

Noise – Washing machines with DD technology only have a single moving part as the drum is directly connected to the motor.

Now, since there are fewer moving parts, the machine would naturally perform a silent operation.

This doesn’t mean that the machine will be entirely silent, just that it would get reduced to a certain extent.

Vibration – The same formula applies to the vibration aspect as well. See, vibration and noise both are co-related.

What causes noise and vibration? When the wash cycle begins, the drum rotates, and it turns with the help of a motor.

So, if the motor leaves all parts and moves only as a single unit, it leads to less vibration, which is almost next to zero.

Energy Efficiency – Actually, the heart of the machine is its rotor and motor. The motor is operated at three-phase speed AC, and the rotor consists of several other magnets, which use belts and plates.

As you can see, if there are several moving parts, the machine will require more hard work, resulting in higher power requirements.

Since the DD technology gets combined and reduces the moving part, it will eventually save a considerable amount of energy. It will result in low electricity bills.

Micro Slippages –  A micro slippage approach is based on a combination of contact pressure distribution with density function.

Nowadays, BD systems are highly efficient; however, you would still see micro slippage. I understand that it sounds technical, but it isn’t.

It affects the machine’s performance, and you would notice as the machine would age. Resources on the web don’t tend to share these specific details, which certainly impacts the buying decision.

An average Indian customer would not notice these things while performing day-to-day activities.

Reliability and Durability – Currently, direct drive technology is preferred by consumers more than BD. The reason being, they are far more compact and occupy less space.

BD washing machines require care as their age progresses. DD technology, on the other hand, is known for its durability. They don’t easily get affected by external conditions, which eventually increases their lifespan.

What are the Drawbacks of buying DD Washing Machines?

Upon discussing the difference and type of direct-drive machine, I don’t really feel the below point is genuinely considered a “disadvantage.”

However, I would still mention it below to ensure you get all the necessary details and invest in a suitable model.

First off, in DD technology, the motor is placed behind the drum. So, that consumes a bit of space which reduces the drum size.

And with a lesser drum size, naturally, it’s going to be less productive.

However, there are a few latest models of DD technology coming with large drum sizes. This is to ensure you get ample space while washing clothes; at the same time, effective DD technology also works.

There aren’t many models of DD technology in the market currently as it is new compared to the BD technology.

The catch here is that most technicians are familiar with the traditional belt drive models, and only a few are skilled to deal with direct drive.

So, it may be some additional cost if anything goes wrong with the appliance. Though some brands offer extended periods of warranty on the motor and overall, so I believe that should take care of this aspect.

Lastly, the direct drive technology machine’s price is way higher than the belt drive; however, it is certainly worth it.

Now, below I’ll share some of the best models as I mentioned. Additionally, I’ll share their advantages and disadvantages as well.

Let’s dive right in.

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Best Direct Drive Washing Machine Models


LG 8 KG 5 Star

Samsung 8KG Inverter Automatic

LG 9 KG Automatic











1400 RPM

1200 RPM

1400 RPM

Control Console

Fully Automatic

Fully Automatic

Fully Automatic


230 Volts

220 Volts

220 Volts


60 kg 500 g

59 kg

31 kg 500 g


Stainless Steel




60 x 55 x 85 Centimeters

55 x 60 x 85 Centimeters

54 x 54 x 87 Centimeters

Special Features

Inverter, Wifi_control

In built heater

Inverter, In built heater, Wi-fi

Installation Type

Free Standing

Free Standing

Free Standing


Overall 1 Year (10 Years on Motor)

Overall 1 Year (10 Years on Motor)

Overall 1 Year (10 Years on Motor)

Our Ratings

Check Price and Reviews

1) LG 8 kg 5 Star Inverter

Image of LG 8 KG 5 Star Fully Automatic

There are simply only a few products that can hold a candle to the only brand LG when it comes to home or kitchen appliances. This LG 8 kg direct drive is one of the most popular LG models.

There are many locations in the country with frequent power cuts. That said, if that’s the case, you should certainly go with this model as it starts off the wash cycle from where it left off in case of a power outage.

The capacity of the machine is 8Kg which should be sufficient for a medium-sized family. 

It is manufactured of high-quality stainless steel material, ensuring it is entirely free from dust, germs, rust, or other impurities.

Another positive aspect of this washing machine is the baby care feature which provides extra care to the baby’s clothes. 

Key Features

Image of LG 5 Star Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Once the wash cycle gets completed, the machine can even heat the water as high as 85 degrees celsius so that you can clean the drum and tub thoroughly.

LG features unique six-motion technology in some of its products. You can choose any sort of wash program depending on the fabric requirement.

The inbuilt heater of this machine can heat water as high as 60 degrees, making sure even the stubborn stains are also removed with ease.

It comes with DD technology, just like we discussed, ensuring reduced noise and vibration. The touch panel of this model is waterproof. You get a ten years comprehensive warranty on the motor and one year on the overall product.

The child lock feature helps you lock the control panel settings so that it remains saved. The 1200 RPM high speed cuts off the wash cycle time and makes the wash cycle even more effective.

What are its benefits?

  • An inbuilt heater can remove even stubborn stains
  • Excellent design and appearance
  • Valuable features like baby care, tub clean, and auto restart
  • Direct Drive Inverter Technology reduces sound and vibration
  • Waterproof touch panel for easy accessibility
  • Excellent fit for a medium-sized family
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Brand Reliability and fantastic user reviews

What are the drawbacks?

  • Expensive as compared to other products
  • Some people experienced WIFI connectivity issues
Image of amazon buy button

2) Samsung WW80J4243MW/TL 8Kg Inverter Automatic

Samsung WW80J4243MW/TL 8Kg Inverter Automatic

Samsung washing machine comes with a bunch of washing options ensuring to make the appliance an energy-efficient one. 

It comes with a capacity of 8KG, which is again sufficient for 4-5 family members. You can press the quick wash button right at the front, which cuts off a lot of time in the wash cycle.

In order to get rid of hard water, Samsung features ceramic heaters which are strong enough to deal with hard or borewell water.

There is an eco drum clean feature, or you can say an indicator that notifies you whenever the drum requires cleaning. Additionally, it keeps the dryer and washer fresh without even using any chemicals.

Key Features

Samsung WW80J4243MW/TL 8Kg Inverter Automatic Machine

You will get access to the smart check feature, which will help you check and troubleshoot errors of the product.

Just like the above model, Samsung also provides a child lock feature in this machine so that the saved settings can’t be interrupted.

It comes with digital inverter technology that uses solid magnets, which helps reduce noise and vibration. It also saves much water in the bargain.

Delaying the wash cycle is now possible with this machine; you can delay as long as 24 hours. Lastly, you get a comprehensive one-year warranty and ten years on the motor.

What are its benefits?

  • Latest model with great design and features
  • Useful features including smart check and ceramic heater
  • Eco drum cleaning indicates if the drum requires cleaning
  • Digital inverter technology reduces noise and vibration
  • Excellent post-sales service and user reviews
  • Brand Reliability and extended warranty

What are the drawbacks?

  • Some people reported issues with the product, but customer support responded immediately.
Check price at amazon link

3) LG 9 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading

Image of LG 9 KG Drying Washer With Dryer

Though the top-load models are becoming extremely popular in the country, most homemakers still prefer front-load machines. This LG 9 kg is one of the top picks on display today.

LG features a revolutionary turbo wash feature. People in India are mostly short of time, and that too, most of the time. 

If that is the case with you, then you can surely activate this feature.

Key Features

Image of LG 9 Drying Washer With Dryer Machine

The true LG steam care feature will surely make your life sorted. Once the feature is turned on, it activates allergy care, steam refresh, and softener. The process makes sure you get an allergen-free and perfect wash cycle.

It comes with twin wash mini technology which means you can use two separate drums. The primary drum is where you can wash all types of clothes. 

And just below that, there is a mini drum that you can use to clean your handkerchief, undergarments, etcetera.

The smart thinQ feature is perfect for people who like multitasking. Access to the machine can now be on your cell phone, and you can efficiently operate it from anywhere.

It has a high rpm speed of 1400, making sure to clean the most stubborn stains easily.

The extraordinary combination of washer and dryer ensures the clothes are ready to wear immediately after the drying process. You get an overall 12 years of warranty on the motor.

What are its benefits?

  • A vast number of choices in terms of a wash cycle
  • Six motion technology refers to the same
  • Smart thinQ WIFi feature to access the machine from anywhere
  • Twin wash enabled so that you could make use of a couple of drums
  • Washer dryer combo
  • Excellent build quality and design
  • It doesn’t make noise
  • The most reliable brand
  • Highest rated models with great reviews

What are the drawbacks?

  • The mobile app functionality isn’t up to the mark
  • High price as compared to other models.
Image of amazon buy button

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is a belt drive better than a direct drive?

Looking at the overall benefits, yes, the direct drive is better than the belt drive. As the drum is directly connected to the motor, it makes less noise and vibration. It also saves a considerable amount on electricity bills.

2) Which is the best direct drive washing machine?

In the above article, I have shared the top 3 models of DD technology. However, I do feel like Samsung is the leading and popular so far.

3) How much detergent do I need for a wash cycle?

The detergent quantity depends on various factors such as condition and type of fabric. Additionally, the water type also matters; suppose if you get hard water at your location, you would need more detergent.

4) How should I use LG direct drive washing machine?

Just like all other machine models, DD technology is pretty simple to access. You need to turn on the power button, then the cycle type, afterward you can start or pause the cycle. You will also get a user manual along with the machine to refer to that as well.

5) Which is the better front load or top load washing machine?

It ultimately depends on your requirement. Front-load machines consume less water, less energy, and their performance is better than top load. However, do keep in mind that front-loads are priced higher as compared to top loads.


So that was all about the detailed information of direct drive technology used in washing machines.

I hope this guide helped you make the right choice for your home. In case of any doubts or queries, feel free to mention them in the comment section below.

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