IFB vs Samsung – Better Microwave Oven in India

A kitchen is certainly not completed with the latest and modern appliances that boost up the efficiency while cooking.

One such crucial cooking device that you must have is a microwave oven.

Featured Image of IFB VS Samsung Microwaves in India

The topmost advantage of having an oven is that it allows us to prepare dishes way faster than using other cooking devices such as gas stove & hobs.

Additionally, you can use it for various purposes, including grilling, baking, heating, etcetera.

These units are equipped with excellent features such as LCD, user-friendly controls, timer, and many more.

If you only like to use the oven to reheat a sort of purpose, you should go for a solo microwave. At the same time, if you’d like to perform all the tasks in an oven, then convection would be ideal for you.

The reason being, convection units are priced slightly higher than solo units.

So, further, I am going to review the most popular and leading brands, IFB vs Samsung Microwave Ovens in India.

The article will prove the better brand among these two, and it will also help you choose the best one for your house.

Summary – Samsung vs IFB Which Microwave should you buy?

Image explaining Samsung vs IFB microwave ovens

Both Samsung and IFB are amongst the best brands in the market. Our team interacted with many customers and visited households.

After hours of research, we recommend buying this particular brand on Amazon. The majority of the people are using it for years, and they are very happy with the performance. In fact, we found it the most reliable and highly rated.

The above model is ideal for bachelors and couples. At the same time, if you are a large family, I recommend this convection model on Amazon. It comes with excellent user-friendly features, including slim fry technology, child lock features, and many more.

There are multiple options and varieties available in the market, making it a bit challenging for us to choose the best.

Since we don’t want our users to invest in a low-quality appliance, we decided to do comprehensive research to compare both of these brands.

Now, before we proceed further to the article, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

  • Buttons of the oven should be smooth and easily accessible
  • The appliance should be power efficient.
  • Capacity should be ideal as per the number of family members.

There’s a clear formula for that. If you are more than five family members, you should opt for a convection microwave (32 Litres or above). At the same time, if you are a family of 2-3 members, you should go with 20-30 Litres, either solo or convection.

IFB and Samsung Brands – History

Image explaining the journey of IFB and Samsung Brands

IFB industries limited is an Indian based company that was established in 1974 in collaboration with Henrich Schmid of Switzerland.

The company was established with the objective of manufacturing various tools and components used in a wide range of precision engineering industries.

They at present are engaged in providing effective solutions for various home and kitchen appliances, including Washing Machine, Dishwashers, etcetera.

IFB currently has multiple manufacturing plants; the main one is in Bangalore, while the other two are at Kolkata & Verna.

Around 2006-07 they launched a couple of new microwave oven models, and since then, they have become the giant leader in the industry. People love their products as they are made of top-notch quality and most certainly reliable.

And as time progressed, they continued to come up with innovative technologies and premium features. Looking at the overall quality and service, you can certainly choose them without an iota of doubt.

On the other hand, Samsung is a South Korean company initially founded as a grocery store in March 1938. They entered the electronics industry in 1969; the first product they launched was a black and white television.

Initially, when the smartphone launched and was trending a lot, Samsung was the only company that became that popular in India.

In 1974, Samsung launched their very first refrigerator in South Korea, which turned out to be a huge success.

And since they noticed a rapid expansion, the company then established various branches for their electronic business.

The company continued to grow, now was the time when they invested a huge amount in two research and development centres which lead them to the market leader in technology services.

By the time it reached 1990, it had already earned the spot in the top five electronic companies worldwide.

People who are reading this article would most certainly have at least one appliance from either Samsung or IFB. If yes, you would certainly agree that both these brands never compromise in quality and service.

That said, if we plan to buy a smartphone in our house, the very first thing that comes flying to mind as an option is Samsung.

At the same time, if one plans to buy a washing machine or, let’s say, a refrigerator. Then IFB is what comes into play.

In conclusion, both Samsung and IFB have been reliable and earned their trust in the market since inception. You can choose any of them; it would be a win-win situation in either case.

Now, if both the brands can be trusted and are reliable, which one should I choose? I agree that’s the question you might have.

Though I have already recommended some of the great models above in the summary section, which are reliable and you can certainly choose to opt for them.

However, below we will talk about the features, advantages and disadvantages based on which you can decide the best brand between Samsung vs IFB. 

Let’s dive right in!

Premium Features of IFB and Samsung Microwave Ovens

Image explaining the Technologies Used In IFB and Samsung Microwave Ovens

IFB and Samsung are undoubtedly the best manufacturers of microwave ovens. They keep upgrading their technologies and features for a better experience.

Earlier, a microwave was limited in features and was only used for basic purposes. The technology has evolved a lot; you can now use it for grilling, baking, defrosting, heating, and many more.

Let’s discuss the technologies these brands offer.


1) Cooking Flexibility
Image of IFB Microwave

Preparing a dish on a gas stove can take a bit of effort, as you need to keep monitoring the process.

With IFB technology, you will get access to upto 101 cooking options, which can be easily selected.

You will just have to enter the dish, the weight and the cooking option. The rest will be taken care of by the microwave.

Another positive aspect of this technology is the express cooking option. The cooking process would get expedited by selecting this option, and you can certainly save valuable time.

2) Delay Start

This is one of the advanced features that I personally like about IFB ovens. As the name suggests, you have control over timing.

You can set the microwave to prepare your food at your convenient timing. It ensures you get prepared hot food whenever you want it.

3) Steam Clean

Again as the name suggests, this feature lets you maintain overall hygiene. IFB is the first-ever brand to address this crucial aspect.

It means once the food is prepared, the steam clean will blow steam inside the microwave oven. It will automatically get distributed in the interiors.

With this, the leftovers can be easily cleaned. This technology will make the cleaning process simpler than ever.

4) Stay’s Warm

Keeping warm is something that will be beneficial in a couple of cases. Just like the name suggests, it has a lot to do with warmth.

As we all mostly need the microwave for reheating purposes, so you can revert back the food in the oven with a warm feature that will help retain its originality and freshness.

Secondly, IFB technology features a low microwave pulse which means the oven will keep a constant temperature throughout the process.

This low pulse can last for around 90 minutes in one go. It ensures that the food particles left after the dish are prepared to get burnt, which also eliminates germs and bacteria.

5) Advanced Grilling
Image of IFB Microwave Oven

The grilling option is present in almost every model of microwave. However, IFB makes it a bit advanced.

You can now set the precise temperature, and the oven will make sure the dish gets the exact appearance, crispiness and taste. It ensures uniform cooking.

Additionally, it is also capable of an auto defrost system.


Let’s discuss some of the great technologies used by Samsung.

1) Ceramic Interior
Image of Samsung Microwave

The interior material is what exactly is the heart of the oven. Any other interior material takes a bit of effort when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.

However, ceramic interiors are effortless to clean. They are more sturdy, durable and rust-free.

Samsung has always been known for its reliability. You’ll see different interior material in almost every brand while Samsung has equipped their models with ceramic which is pretty easy to clean and convenient at the same time.

2) Slim Fry Technology

You wouldn’t disagree with the fact that we all love to eat fried and crispy food. At the same time, taking care of our health is important.

So, with a Samsung microwave, you can cook fried or grilled goods with just the minimum amount of oil. 

The slim fry technology makes use of a grill, including warm air circulation, which receives desired results even if the quantity of oil is next to zero.

3) Tandoor Technology

It becomes mouthwatering even if you just hear the word “Tandoor.”

Samsung microwaves can be easily converted into an electric tandoor where the temperature gets as high as 200 degrees.

You will get to see the authentic tandoor atmosphere with this high temperature. If you love tandoori items such as naan, chicken, chapati, then Samsung would be ideal for you.

Another positive aspect of this feature is that it helps fasten the cooking process as the temperature is a lot higher.

4) Eco-Friendly Feature

Using an efficient appliance can be helpful as it helps save a lot of time and effort. However, electricity bills should also be considered along with the reliability. 

That said, our team tested the microwave with the eco-friendly mode. As a result, it’s excellent in terms of saving electricity. 

In fact, looking at the overall user reviews, the feature helped save a considerable amount on electricity bills without compromising quality.

5) Wide Grill Feature

If you see the other oven convection oven models, you will find that space isn’t that comfortable, even with higher capacities.

That said, Samsung ovens come with a wide grill technology, and as the name suggests, it is related to the width.

The width of the microwave is larger than what you will get to see in other models. You can now cook food in up to 99% of the area inside the oven.

6) Advanced Technology
Image of Image of Samsung Microwave Oven

The advanced technology lets you eat homemade curd anytime you like. Once you activate the feature, it will automatically set the temperature precisely to what’s required.

Which model should you buy among both brands?

You can get great models of solo and microwaves from both IFB and Samsung, which come with premium features and technologies to make the product exceptional.

Now, if both the brands are fair, which one should I choose between both of them?

No worries, we have got you covered…

These brands vary on certain things such as price, warranty, post-sales service and other factors.

In the next section, we will discuss which brands leads overall so that you will easily be able to select the right one as per your requirement.


Image explaining the price difference

The first and foremost aspect which needs to be considered before choosing one of them is the price.

Initially, we discussed that solo microwaves are economical as compared to convection ones.

Samsung and IFB manufacture solo microwave models; however, Samsung is slightly expensive as compared to IFB, this is in regards to the solo models only.

Also, there aren’t as many Solo models of IFB as Samsung has, so it gives you more flexibility in terms of options.

At the same time, if I talk about convection models, there isn’t a significant price difference between these both.

The prices are almost the same. You can get a capacity of 20 Litres in approximately INR9000 from IFB, whereas Samsung offers a 21 Litres capacity in the same price range.

Also, there always are additional features and technologies in Samsung. So, in terms of pricing, I would suggest you go with Samsung.


Image explaining the Difference in Price & Features of Both The Brands!

In the previous section, we discussed the features and technologies of both IFB and Samsung convection microwave ovens.

If we talk about technology, both stand simultaneously as they both offer the latest technology to make things advanced.

However, here again, I would prefer Samsung. The reason being, their warranty period.

Though the warranty period is almost the same for both brands, just that there is a slight difference which actually has a big impact.

IFB offers a comprehensive one year warranty and three years on the Magnetron. At the same time, Samsung offers one year warranty overall and five years on the magnetron.

Now, Magnetron is an important part of the oven, just like a CPU in a computer.

Additionally, Samsung provides extra features in most of their products, such as child lock, tandoor, grill, ceramic interiors, LED panel. This is the second reason I would recommend them again.

Conclusion – IFB vs Samsung Microwaves 

So, that was all about the detailed comparison between Samsung and IFB microwave ovens as you can see that they both are great options in terms of technology and features.

If we look at both technology-wise, I feel Samsung is better than IFB because they have spent more time in the market and understand the precise requirement of Indian households.

I hope this comprehensive review of IFB vs Samsung microwaves helped you make the right choice. In case of any doubts or queries, do let us know in the comment section below.

Shubham Sachdeva is a customer service & escalation head with almost 7 years of experience in corporate before starting Sorted Review. Being a gadget freak he has always loved to learn the inner working of various machines and consumer electronics. He regularly tests various audio, home appliances, and daily use products, to provide the best advice to readers. He is a wizard that can make your shopping easy, saving you time and stress of figuring out what to buy.

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