Kent vs Aquaguard Water Purifiers in India

Kent vs Aquaguard, which water purifier is better and why?

In our country, authorities claim that they provide safe and purified drinking water; even the Jal board claims the same. However, the need for purification is still required.

Kent vs Aquaguard Water Purifiers in India

The water purification method removes certain impurities such as bacterias, germs, pollutants, and mercury from the water.

There are various technologies in the market, and these contaminants can be removed through multiple techniques.

So, to make sure the water that you are drinking is 100% safe and clean. You should most certainly invest in a water purifier.

Now, the question is, which is best among aquaguard and kent purifier… Well, both the brands have their advantages and disadvantages, and we will cover them in-depth to make sure you choose the right brand.

There are few differences such as features, appearance, build quality, design; however, the purification technology used is almost the same by both brands. The technology used in most of the models is RO+UV and UF. In addition, some use TDS control as well.

That said, let’s proceed further in the article and review the leading water purifier brands Kent & Aquaguard.

Before we proceed further to the comparison, if you are looking for a direct recommendation and don’t want to review the entire article, then the next summary section is for you.

Overview – Kent vs Aquaguard Water Purifiers

Since you are reading this article, you might want to get a comparison of both the brands, and we will surely go ahead and get it done.

However, instead of comparing brands, you should look for the highest-rated and reliable models of both and compare them.

The reason being, highest rated means customers love the performance, and if people are happy, then it should certainly be reliable.

Our team sorted reviews, analyzed thousands of water purifier brands since we don’t want you to spend on low quality. 

As a verdict, we would suggest you buying this particular model of Kent on Amazon. If you are a family of even up to 6 members, this purifier would be ideal for you.

Kent Grand Plus Water Purifier

The water purifier is worth every penny you spend, and it will work for years without interruption. Kent features RO, UV, and UF technology in this model, which is the complete filtration process. 

The best part is that you won’t have to check the TDS level of the water before buying this model as it can handle every type of water.

At the same time, if you have planned a certain amount and are looking to get a small model for a small family, you can consider this model of Aquaguard on Amazon.

Aquaguard Purifier

It has a capacity of 6 liters available in black color, which is sufficient for a small-sized family.

Importance of Water Purification

Aquaguard and Kent Water Purifier

Clean water is crucial for human beings for day-to-day activities like drinking, cooking, bathing, brushing, and various other purposes.

As we discussed, the regular tap water supplied to our house might seem clear, but it contains various bacterias and viruses, chlorine, lead, mercury, pesticides, and other harmful contaminants.

And consumption of contaminated water can lead to serious health issues and enhance the risk of liver damage, nervous system issues, rectal and bladder cancer, etcetera.

The result can sometimes be significantly harmful as these water-related diseases can be life-threatening.

Nowadays, witnessing an excessive use of clean water, more and more brands are coming with several types of different water purifier models to provide clean water.

Some of the common options are purified & bottled drinking water. In order to make sure the water you drink is clean, you need an efficient water purifier. It will help remove all the impurities, making water 100% safe and clean to drink.

Now, with these two award-winning brands of water purifiers claiming to provide the best technology, making the decision can be challenging. The below comprehensive analysis will help you make the best choice among Aquaguard and Kent.

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Aquaguard vs Kent – Reviewed

Features Overview



Model Number


Grand Plus

Storage Stype



Storage Capacity

7 Litres

8 Litres


Food Grade Plastic

Food Safe ABS Plastic

Filter Change Alarm



Power Consumption

60 Watt

60 Watt


11.8 KG

9.4 KG


230 V AC

100- 300 V AC

Capacity of Purification

15 Litres Per Hour

15 Litres Per Hour

Pre Filtration



TDS Control



Maximum Duty Cycle

65 Litres Per Day

75 Litres Per Day

UV Fail Alarm



Type of Purification


RO+UV+UF+TDS Control

UV Lamp Power

45 Watts

45 Watts


1 Year Overall

1 Year Overall


367 x 314 x 567 cm

260 x 410 x 520 cm

Our Ratings

Check Reviews

Let’s now review some of the facts about the history of these leading brands who have earned their faith and trust in the Indian water purifier market.

Kent introduced the revolutionary RO ( reverse osmosis ) technology to India. The brand started its operation from Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, in 1999, and now it has become the largest manufacturer of water purifiers in India.

For more than a couple of decades, they have earned the trust of Indian households. They were equipped with a vision of a healthier world, and their technological expertise resulted in innovative solutions.

Kent is the only company that massively dominates the Indian market as a result of a 40% market share. They drive approximately 80% of their revenues from their water purifiers.

Along with the patent RO technology, they use the TDS control, which adds back the essential minerals that get lost during the purification, driving it precisely as per Indian conditions.

Aquaguard, on the other hand, is the Eureka Forbes brand which was established in 1982. They started with the vision of bringing pollution-free, safe, and healthy living to their customers.

Their products have dominated the water and air purification system. Aquaguard is their flagship product which got sold through direct sale channels and is now trusted by over 40 million people.

It provides safe and clean drinking water even to homes with no electricity connection. They are well-experienced brands as they have over 35 years of experience in the Indian water purifier market.

The brand is dedicatedly focused and heavily invested in R&Ds. Hence, they claim to purify even the most contaminated water and make it entirely safe and clean to drink.

So, that was all about the brand’s history; now that you have a brief idea, let’s dive deep into the detailed analysis of the two.

Kent vs Aquaguard – The Technology They Use

Kent vs Aquaguard

Aquasure from Aquaguard uses an innovative technology that’s based on a cream nano filter. This advanced filter removes harmful chemicals such as lead and arsenic.

The filter is that advanced as it also attracts biological microorganisms such as harmful bacteria and filters, making sure it gets filtered separately.

Just like we discussed above, Kent uses their patented RO ™ technology. Additionally, they use an advanced double purification system that has the ability to deal with hard or borewell water. It can also deal with natural groundwater with ease.

The RO and ™ technology that they have used, along with TDS control, are extremely efficient. What it does is re-add the essential minerals which get lost during the RO purification. YT

Aquguard, on the other hand, uses a comprehensive 6 stage purification to ensure the water you drink is completely safe and clean.

6 Stage Purification

  • Large Impurities gets removed by the pre-filtration process
  • Second, the combined procedure of built in particle trap and chemiblock eliminates bad odor and dissolved organic components
  • Third, the membrane life enhancer prevents the scaling of calcium and magnesium.
  • Next, all the heavy metal traces gets removed from the water source through RO purification.
  • Fifth, the taste enhancer makes the water tasty naturally
  • Lastly, the remaining disinfectants get eliminated from the RO purified water to the UV disinfection chamber.

So, as we discussed the brand’s history and technology comparison overview, let’s now discuss which model you should choose.

Based on all the facts and considering all the benefits, I would say Kent Grand & Plus should be the first choice over Eureka Forbes Aquaguard. The reason being, they use better technology and the quality is also better than Aquasure.

Let’s now discuss these brands with some other factors as well.


Now, irrespective of the quality and features, I would say pricing is something that matters the most. Be it a water purifier or any appliance, the pricing must be justified based on the product.

In regards to the pricing, Eureka Forbes Aquasure 6 Litre takes the lead here as Kent Grand Plus 8 Litre is priced higher.

Now, both the units have a price difference of around 4k approximately, which can be justified by the quantity.

The price may fluctuate over time; you can use the above links to check the latest price and deals.

The 6 Litre one comes in black color that looks quite elegant whereas the Kent grand plus comes in white transparent body color which is slightly big because of the capacity.

Build Quality & Capacity

In regards to the build quality, both kent and aquaguard are manufactured of top-notch quality. 

They both use ABS food plastic quality material for their respective tanks. The Eureka Forbes Aquasure Smart plus comes with a water storage tank of 6 liters which is perfect for bachelors and couples. It also comes with some exciting features and a water level indicator.

On the other hand, Kent grand plus has a capacity of 8 liters, which is perfect for a medium-sized family. It is an ideal fit for families even up to 6-7 members.

Post Sales Service

As discussed, both brands are leaders in the water purifier market, and there shouldn’t be any doubt considering the service.

However, we would definitely discuss it as it’s about investing in the right brand.

Both Aquaguard & Kent provide a comprehensive one-year warranty on the overall units. You may find extended warranty in some of the products by Kent, but overall they are the same.

Additionally, earlier, Kent used to provide three years of no service charge, which is still the case with some models.

While our team was researching, we found both negative and positive reviews about these brands. Some reviews stated delay in installation and service. Apart from these few instances, the majority of the reviews were above par.

Kent provides terrific post-sales service as they have a wide number of service centers in the country. With a large number of manpower, they make sure that the customers get incredibly exceptional service.

They understand the precise requirement of purified water in India; therefore, they provide hassle-free after-sales service.

Aquasure, on the other hand, is the giant in the water purifiers market. They are in the market for over 35 years, and over three decades, they are the most experienced brand.

Aquaguard was the one who used to promote water purification, visiting every house explaining the need for water purification.

That said, both the brands are highly trusted in India, and post-sale service won’t be a matter of concern for either.

Why should you buy Kent instead of Aquaguard?

We wouldn’t deny the fact that Aquaguard is the leading giant in the water purifier market. However, Kent is the most trusted brand. The reason being, they are the only brand that has patented the world-class RO (reverse osmosis) purification technology and is highly rated across the globe. As compared to other brands, Kent claims to provide 100% safe and clean drinking water.

Kent Overall Rating – 4.5/5

Kent also holds the highest certification by many world’s best-certified laboratories, making them the most reliable and trusted brand.

Keeping the current situation in mind, our country is facing a huge shortage of water. Kent features a save water technology that ensures to recover the rejected water, which can later be used for washing clothes or mopping floors.

Aquaguard Overall Rating – 4/5

There you have it, our detailed review of Kent vs Aquaguard Water Purifiers in India. I hope this guide helped you choose the right brand for your home.

In case of any doubts or queries, feel free to mention them in the comment section below.

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