Best Silent Kitchen Chimneys in India

Best silent kitchen chimneys in India – An ultimate guide!

It is evident that a sparkling clean kitchen means an efficient kitchen chimney.

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Not only this but Indian kitchens should undoubtedly be equipped with the best exhaust system. That said, it needs to be efficient and perform the most silent operation.

Now, noiseless kitchen chimney is the most frequently asked question, and people tend to make it highly confusing for the people who want to make an informed decision.

Even I searched for these strings, such as silent and noiseless, but nobody tends to share such specific information that may influence potential buyers if you look at the web.

After hours of comprehensive research and interacting with thousands of users, I can assure you there is not really a “ silent kitchen chimney available in India.”

However, the ones I am going to share below performs the most silent and effective process. The sound level of the below models is almost minimal, if not completely silent. You won’t even realize the exhaust is turned on even on maximum.

So, further, I will share the four best models of the noiseless chimney, their benefits, and drawbacks. In case you are only looking for a summary recommendation, the next section is for you.

Best Silent Kitchen Chimneys in India


Elica Spot H4 Trim

Faber Glassy Sil-K

Elica Glace EDS

Faber Plus BK


Stainless Steel

Steel and Glass

Stainless Steel










Available in 60 & 90 cm



1010 m³/hr.

1000 m³/hr.

1010 m³/hr.

1000 m³/hr.

Filter Type

Baffle Filter

Baffle Filter

Baffle Filter

Baffle Filter

Noise Level






22KG 600 Gram

25KG 300 Gram

19KG 600 Gram

12 KG



40 x 90 x 67 cm

90 x 47 x 76 cm

42 x 60 x 70 cm


1 year overall

1 year overall & 12 years on motor

1 year overall

1 year overall & 12 years on motor

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1) Elica Deep Silence Chimney with EDS3

Elica Deep Silence Chimney with EDS3

As the name suggests, elica offers a wide range of silent chimneys, which is one of the best models manufactured by them.

The chimney has a beautiful design that will upscale the interiors of your kitchen. You will get access to some of the buttons, which are for speed and lights.

It has a strong suction power which is 360 degrees. The uniquely designed three-dimension filter technology covers a lot more area and absorbs grease, smoke, and oil even quicker. 

As the name says, deep silence technology, so what exactly is it?

Elica Deep Silence Chimney Features

The hood consists of sound filtering pads, which makes it even silent. It is specially designed to reduce the noise level at its best. If you turn it on the maximum, you’ll see that the hood’s noise is almost zero.

Deep silence with eds3 technology is now related to the sound filtering pads as they are equipped with this technology. Its perimetric panel and linear lines make your kitchen environment calm, odor and smoke-free.

The maximum airflow capacity of this chimney is approximately 1010m3/hr. At the same time, the strong suction power is around 1300 m3/hr which ensures the kitchen gets fresh air at all times.

It also includes a round mesh filter which makes it easy for you to clean the silent chimney.

What are its benefits?

  • Excellent performance and reliability
  • It has a shallow noise level; at maximum speed, it is almost negligible
  • Robust suction power, no smoke or smell will be observed
  • Convenient touch panel and readily accessible buttons
  • LED lamps that ensure enough lighting while you cook
  • Tornadic suction abilities and eds3 technology
  • Three dimensions of filter technology
  • Mesh filters make it easy to clean
  • Excellent user reviews, decently priced and excellent user reviews

What are the drawbacks?

  • The upper hood material is thin.
  • You can only use 6 inches pipe, which doesn’t look good in the kitchen
  • Height installation requirement is significantly less
  • Expensive and poor installation from Elica
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2) Faber Glassy SIL-K BKL LTW Chimney

Faber Glassy SIL-K BKL LTW Chimney

You start talking about kitchen chimneys, and Faber is one of the brands that will come to your mind then and there. The product has a glistening appearance with excellent finishing.

The chimney includes 3+1 speed settings which you can set as per your preference. It comes with excellent suction power and a motor of 250 watts that ensures less noise while adequate at the same time.

It helps remove odors, heat, fumes, steam, smoke, and combustion products from the air through expulsion and filtration.

Faber Glassy SIL-K BKL LTW Chimney Features

The LED lights are incredibly energy efficient and ensure you get enough lighting at night. The three-layer baffle filter is specially designed to eliminate oily smoke, which can settle on walls and ceilings.

Lastly, you get a one-year warranty on the overall product and 12 years extended warranty on the motor.

What are its benefits?

  • Almost no noise and vibration during the ventilation process
  • Excellent suction and motor power
  • Push buttons for easy accessibility
  • LED lights that are energy efficient
  • Convenient touch panel which you can make use of
  • 3+1 speed settings and a separate switch for light
  • Excellent user reviews and reliable brand

What are the drawbacks?

  • Slightly expensive as compared to other models
  • Some users reported issues within few days of purchase.
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3) Elica Glace EDS HE LTW 90

Elica Glace EDS HE LTW 90

With a robust suction and motor capacity, the Elica chimney ensures your kitchen has a fume and smokeless environment even when cooking your favorite dishes.

The suction power of this chimney is robust and works 360 degrees again, making sure to provide the maximum airflow capacity.

Just like other models, this chimney has three baffle filters. It is equipped with high-quality LED lamps that provide sufficient lighting while you cook.

If you look at the previous model, the features and inclusions are the same of both elica chimneys. The only thing is there are a couple of sizes available with this model ( 60 & 90 cm)

It comes with an easily accessible and trendy touch control panel which provides easy access to all the features. It ensures you can easily clean it without any hassle.

The silent chimney comes with five years extended warranty on the motor and one year on the overall product.

What are its benefits?

  • The deep silence mechanism barely make any noise
  • Touch control panel for easy accessibility
  • Top-notch quality led bulbs
  • Robust motor and high suction power
  • Attractive appearance and design
  • Energy-efficient device
  • Brand Reliability and great user reviews

What are the drawbacks?

  • Higher installation charges
  • It makes a slight noise when the air hits the chimney pipe
  • Expensive as compared to other models
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4) Faber 60 cm 1000 m3/hr Chimney

Faber 60 cm 1000 m3/hr Silent Chimney

Lastly, we have another Faber’s reputed model and a favorite for Indian homemakers for the fantastic qualities it possesses. It is one of the great silent kitchen chimneys.

For people having specific cooking requirements, then this model is ideal for you. For the first ten minutes, the speed gets bombard, and afterward, it gets normal.

Like all other models, this one also features a three-layer baffle filter specially designed to look at Indian cooking requirements.

The technology changes the direction of the vapor and chops immediately. It eliminates the oil and grease particles efficiently.

You get a comprehensive one-year warranty and 12 years on the motor. It is manufactured of stainless steel, which is among the best materials. Additionally, it is effortless to clean and is dishwasher safe.

What are its benefits?

  • Dedicated feature to reduce noise
  • Convenient push buttons for easy accessibility
  • Excellent suction and motor capacity
  • Most efficient and reliable process
  • High quality led lights
  • Three-layer baffle filter
  • Easy control panel
  • Brand reliability and great reviews

What are the drawbacks?

  • Some users reported delays in installation.
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Kitchen Chimney Installation Pricing

Best Noisless Chimney

If you choose to opt for any appliance, be it a washing machine, air conditioner, or refrigerator. There is a straightforward process, it gets delivered, and you are all set. 

However, in the kitchen chimney, it’s slightly complicated. The technician will come and get it installed for you. Now the installation process takes time.

And that’s the case with ac as well. So, it would be best if you remembered that the installation charge might occur. It may be up to 1500-2000, depending on the type and area.

Though some brands provide free installation, it should be clearly mentioned on the website if that’s the case.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How can I clean the oil collector?

The oil collector is removable in most of the noiseless chimneys. You can easily remove and clean it with soap or detergent.

2) Why is a baffle filter installed in a kitchen chimney?

A baffle filter is specially designed for Indian cooking purposes. Its job is to remove smoke from the oil particles. It first absorbs the smoke and throws it out outside while the grease and oil particles get collected in a separate box.

3) Why should I go with an auto-clean chimney?

The auto-clean technology uses a heating element that cleans the baffle filters automatically. It doesn’t allow the grease and oil particles to stick and settle, which ultimately increases the lifespan and performance of the chimney.

4) What do you mean by suction power?

The suction power refers to the ability of the chimney to suck out smoke.


So that was all about the detailed reviews and recommendations of the best silent kitchen chimneys in India.

I hope this guide helped you select the noiseless chimney for your kitchen.

In case of any doubts or queries, feel free to mention them in the comment section below.

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