Best Stainless Steel Cookware Brands & Products in India

There are a bunch of varieties and brands in the market, and people are getting overwhelmed by choices. Hence, I decided to come up with a detailed review of the best stainless steel cookware brands and products in India.

Stainless steel pans are among the safest, robust and most versatile products. The presence of this material in every kitchen isn’t surprising at all.

Best Stainless Steel Cookware Brands & Products in India

Now, every steel is made of different components and metals. Unlike other materials, they do not react with acidic food and do not rust. Most importantly, they are resistant to stains and can resist cooking at high heat.

This is the reason people prefer stainless steel instead of any other material.

Now, in regards to safety. I would say that as compared to other materials, stainless is safe.

However, there are several cookware set in the market, and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

So, further, I am going to break it down to the best brands of steel utensils. I will share their features, brand reliability and the material details that they use.

Let’s dive right in.

Best Stainless Steel Cookware Brands & Cookware Sets

1) Prestige Cookware

Image of Prestige Stainless Steel Cookware

Whenever one thinks about kitchen appliances, the very first thing that comes flying to your mind is the utensils brand prestige.

The reason being, they are one of the popular and one of the leading cookware brands in India.

Prestige Limited is a TTK group company with five states of art manufacturing plants and a couple of research and development centres.

They have earned their reputation in the market by selling excellent quality cookware that every individual loves.

The company currently has a vast number of varieties and designs in the cooker segment. Their products include beneficial features such as gasket release, deep lid, durable handles, alpha base and many more.

Though they are the most selling brand when it comes to pressure cookers however they other innovative and robust steel cookware.

In 1959, they began manufacturing cookers, and over the years, they have introduced many safe and helpful features in their utensils.

People mostly prefer Hawkins or prestige in regards to kitchen appliances as their products are reliable. Additionally, they have good post-sales service.

You can access the link below to check their entire range of cookware.

2) Amazon Brand – Solimo

Image of Amazon Brand - Solimo Cookware

Many people would most certainly be surprised, as I have mentioned Amazon before Hawkins, that too in 2023.

I believe this brand is slightly underrated; additionally, not all people are aware that they manufacture many products in the home and appliance segment.

If you compare their appliances with other brands, their products have better build quality. The prices are also reasonable as compared to other brands.

The quality of the brand is not as good as prestige, but it is very well justified according to the price. This is an excellent brand for couples or bachelors looking to set up kitchen utensils at a certain planned amount.

You can visit the Amazon official website to navigate to the Our Brand section to check all products manufactured by them.

Amazon brand and solimo were officially launched in 2009. Since then, they have manufactured high-quality products and earned their reputation in the market.

In regards to the post-sales service, Amazon is highly rated and provides prompt service. You can access the link below to check the wide variety of products.

3) Hawkins Cookware

Image of Hawkins Cookware Sets

Many people would again be surprised as Hawkins is mentioned after Amazon in the list. This is because there is a justified reason behind that.

Prestige and Hawkins are the two signature brands in the market. They certainly live up to the expectations. They have been manufacturing high-quality products for a decade and earned their trust in Indian households.

It was 1959 when Hawkins launched their business, and around 1974 they began manufacturing kitchen appliances and exporting them all over the world.

You might agree that whenever Indian households think about pressure cookers, Hawkins is the very first name that comes to mind. The reason being, they are more famous in the cookware segment as compared to the other products that they have launched.

The brand mainly focuses on safety and reliability as their products come with safety lid locks. It means, if you have to open the pressure cooker, then first have to lower the lid and then you can open it with the handle.

The handle of the cooker wouldn’t get opened until the steam inside the appliance reaches a safer level. It ultimately is a safety-driven appliance.

The cookware brand is continuously striving towards customer experience and perfection. Their products are reliable and safer as compared to any other brand.

They had recently launched their sub-brand, which is named Futura. As the name suggests, and as this is a brand of Hawkins, it worked tremendously and got an immense amount of success because of its traditional design and premium features.

4) Meyer

Image of Meyer Cookware

This list of the best stainless steel cookware brands in India wouldn’t have been completed without this brand. 

Meyer is an internationally reputed brand; they are basically based in California. Thereby, people looking for luxury appliances go with them.

Few other brands are also associated with Meyer, which includes Circulon, Anolon and Farberware.

That said, they are the largest appliance distributor in the USA and the second-largest across the world.

Though their products are priced higher than all the brands mentioned in the list, the reason being, they use top-notch quality Japanese material.

Earlier, their products were not available in the Indian retail market. Now, because of retailers like Flipkart and Amazon, their products are readily available in India.

While manufacturing the utensils, they include an aluminium core inside, ensuring the food doesn’t get burnt even at high flames.

The handle grips of their cookware are pretty comfortable and soft. Their cookware is aesthetically beautiful and will upscale the decor of your kitchen.

Talking about post-sales service, as this is an international brand you won’t have to worry about the quality and reliability. You can access the below link to check their variety of cookware.

5) Vinod Intelligent Cookware

Image of Vinod Intelligent Cookware Brand

Vinod cookware is one of India’s oldest businesses in its sector. In the 1950s, the company’s owner worked at a stainless steel utensil company in Mumbai.

At that time, he realized that the markets of pans and pots were incredibly unorganized at that point of time.

He felt that the existing brands weren’t good enough to organize the large market. That is where he decided to launch Vinod cookware in 1962, a small manufacturing unit in Bhandup, Mumbai.

Over the years, as people started to understand their quality. They launched different products, including Steam, bowls, kadhai’s, etcetera.

After a few years, the Vinod brand got an immense amount of success in the pressure cooker’s segment. It was when they launched the sandwich bottom cookware, which got viral for some time.

They worked very hard and earned their trust and reputation in the Indian market because of their high-quality products at insanely reasonable prices.

The brand is still working hard on user-friendly appliances and innovative technologies to provide an exceptional customer experience.

Compared to the other brands on the list, Vinod offers extremely budget-friendly products, making it one of the best steel utensils brands.

6) Milton

Image of Milton

Milton, without an iota of doubt, a name called with warm nostalgia. We all have memories where every household enjoyed the convenience of a sturdy water bottle and a shining steel tiffin that we used to take to school.

Over the years, in these ever-changing times, the brand has evolved, and they have expanded this convenience through a range of cookware products.

Their main focus to cater for the needs of modern customers. Their products are of the same top-notch quality as they used to provide water bottles and tiffins.

They manufacture high-quality vessels that are world-class, known for retaining both hot and cold contents. 

The outer and inner layer of their utensils is made of stainless steel which helps retain warmth for a more extended period of time.

Using the same idea of technology, they launched a great utensil, “Casseroles” Now, it is a steel utensil that is basically used to serve dishes and food which can remain warm for a while.

You can access the link below to check all the varieties of Milton.

7) Wonderchef

Wonderchef Utensils

Well, Wonderchef at last on the list? Weird! Is it?

They are the leader in cookware and kitchen appliances, enabling their customers to cook healthy and tasty food.

It is a brand started by our own “Sanjeev Kapoor”, the master of cooking. They have a wide variety of products, including dosa tawa, grill pans, frying pan, saucepan, pressure cookers, etcetera.

The brand is known for quality non-stick utensils, and Sanjeev Kapoor picks all these products from reputed companies.

So, this was all about the utensil brands list. Let’s now talk about the benefits and drawbacks of using stainless steel cookware.

Benefits of Using Stainless Steel Cookware

Image of Advantages of Using Stainless Steel Cookware
  • Much better material as compared to aluminium
  • The steel surface is a combination of smooth and hard, which makes it easy to clean.
  • Material is lightweight as compared to other aluminium
  • Unlike other materials, some steel utensils are dishwasher safe
  • Prices are pretty affordable
  • You can easily maintain it with routine cleaning
  • Great design products available such as mirror finishing

Drawbacks of Using Stainless Steel

Image explaining the Disadvantages of Using Stainless Steel
  • A bit expensive as compared to other materials
  • Do not buy non-conductive cookware as it distributes uneven heat
  • Don’t go for normal steel; look for additional copper coating
  • Food sticks on the surface
  • Other than that, great cookware to buy

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the ideal temperature to use cookware?

The facts say different; however, it is always advisable to reduce the heat even as suggested. Steel begins to melt at around 2200 degree Fahrenheit while cookware sets are capable enough to deal with temperatures upto 2500 degree Fahrenheit.

2) Is stainless steel better than ceramic cookware?

The question can be answered in a couple of ways. Stainless steel material is more durable and robust than ceramic. At the same time, food gets stuck on steel which is not the case with ceramic cookware.

3) Is non-stick cookware safe?

Non-stick is the most popular and trending cookware nowadays. The reason being, it has a vast number of benefits. The food doesn’t stick to the surface, and additionally, the amount of oil and butter can also be reduced while cooking your favorite dishes.

Generally, using a stick is entirely safe. The only thing is, while you clean it with a metal scrubber, the flake of the surface comes off, which is not harmful to health. It just affects the non-stickiness of the utensil.

4) Is aluminium cookware safe?

Aluminium cookware is harmful is none other than a myth. In fact, steel is known for uneven heating, and the majority of the cookware is made of aluminium.

Aluminium only reacts when it is treated with acidic food, and it releases a small amount of aluminium which is not considered harmful for health. So, you can surely use Aluminium for cooking purposes.

The Verdict

So, that was all about the detailed review of top stainless steel brands. I hope this guide helped you choose the right brand for your kitchen.

In case of any doubts or queries, feel free to mention them in the comment section below.

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